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Product Introduction
KOREAN 크러텍 영문 사이트

iconThe world's first fine-particles and dust removal device

Virgin and grinding materials containing dust, fine dust and debris in the final Solver

- 100% new concept of de-dusting technology / Turbo-cyclone type
- Second-to-none capability of separating dust and metal
- Easy installation and operation
- Convenient cleaning for material change / within 5 minutes without tools
- Anti-rust for its aluminum and stainless material parts

  • Reducing defects of final products
    Eliminating the faster melting dust and other foreign objectives causing the general defects like black spots, blurry color, not even glossing and weak rigidity
  • Enhancing environment-friendly operation
    Realizing environment-friendly production line and improvement of operators' health and welfare from airborne dust, smoke and unpleasant odors
Micro particles and dust in regrinding material
분쇄재 미세조각과 분진 사진
ASTM D1921-96, Test Method B Reults
ASTM D1921-96, Test Method B Reults 시험데이터 사진
Before and after de-dusting
처리 전과 후
iconCrutec's invention patent, 'Turbo-cyclone'
  • Powerful separation and collecting dust
    Capable of separation and collecting glass-wool, fines, fluffs and angel-hair firmly adhered to granules by static electricity
  • Specially designed and cast aluminum chamber
    Optimizing internal shape by 3-D simulation and, realizing light weight and eliminating cause of rust by specially cast aluminum chamber
icon Redundant filtering device
  • Special Vacuum Nozzle in throughputs exit
    Secondarily filtering fines and fluffs
  • Filtering Metal-like foreign objectives
    Strong magnet mounted on the exit channel for detecting metal and filtering
icon Sensors and Alarm system
  • Material feeding level sensor / Alarm for lack of material
  • De-dusted material volume sensor / Alarm for over-flow of purified material
  • Dust collected volume level sensor / Alarm for emptying dust box
icon Electrical control and utility
  • Motor speed is controlled by numeric inverter (AC Drive) control and, all electrical wiring and circuit are designed in conformity with world-widely applying safety regulation and requirement.
  • Alarm and warning system includes overload, mis-feeding, over-flow of de-dusted material and emptying dust box.

- Main Power : AC220V/380V/440V, 50Hz/60Hz,
3-phase/Power consumption : about 3 kw
- Air Pressure : minimum 5-bar
- Dimension(mm) : W1500xL650xL1260(Standard material box and dust box included)
- Weight : about 180kgs (Standard material box and dust box included)
- Throughputs : regrinding material 50-75kg/hour / plastic pellet 50-250kg/hour (It depends on the condition of material to de-dust.)

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