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Product Introduction
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  The flow of water to the eye Water View!!

iconFront transparent


iconMain Specifications

  • Use: Water, oil or the like to check the flow of the fluid product in the eye

  • Material: PBT, such as heat-resistant, water-resistant material in front of the strong and transparent

  • Size : 58*47*32/ The gauge : Φ40/ Screw : PT 1/4
  • Allowable temperature : under 80°C/ Allowable pressure :  7kg/㎠
  • ND magnet : 2500 gauss attachment

  iconHow to use

  • Attach the hose fluid passing

  • Easy detachable
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Apply in water heaters, chillers, cooling, etc.

  • Can be used separately or combined.
  • There is magnet, attach & iron detected

iconInstallation Example




 iconCleaning Method.

      There are times when the water in the

      product using a long period of time

      put the lid open, use after cleaning.


   ※ Can be used separately or combined.


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